About Me

I am a 23 year old journalist, writing against empire, from inside the empire.

I believe that the U.S. empire is not only the greatest threat to the international socialist movement, but it is also the greatest threat to humanities continued existence. The U.S. empire is not only wiling to commit genocide to destroy democratic movements, but is also willing to irreversibly damage the world environment to ensure return on investment. As a journalist, It would be extremely biased and downright negligent to pretend this wasn’t the case.

Growing up in White Lake Michigan, I quickly recognized the internal contradictions of U.S. society, even if I didn’t fully understand them. As a kid, I saw the clear wealth disparity between my rural white community and the black community in nearby Detroit. Knowing only that I didn’t know much, I decided to get my Journalism degree at Wayne State University. It was also the only University I got into, making my decision all the easier .

I spent my time at university drinking, smoking, and partying, but I also studied, organized and worked. I was extremely fortunate to have many amazing comrades and friends that pushed back against the reactionary and liberal views that I still had. Using Marxist analysis, I was able to much better understand the U.S. empire and its utter depravity. While I recognize I still have much to learn, I am committed to putting all my energy into bringing about the collapse of the U.S. empire and global capitalism.

I currently reside at my Dad’s house in Clarkston, Michigan after being laid off from both of my jobs. Unsurprisingly, if you can afford it and enjoy the site, I would greatly appreciate any donations. Link below



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