The Re-Silencing of Tara Reade

Tara Reade fought for years to tell her story of sexual assault. Now that her story is public, the Democratic party and the corporate media are attempting to make sure no one hears about it.

Last Wednesday, Tara Reade bravely came forward with the allegation that Presidential candidate Joe Biden sexually assaulted her. Reade’s allegation was corroborated by both her brother and close friend, whom she told of the assault when it happened.  

Yet, this serious and extremely credible report of sexual assault by the Democratic party front runner has been completely ignored by most of the corprate media. At the publishing of this article, CNN, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, MSNBC, CBS, NPR, and most other mainstream news sources have yet to publish anything on the story. Even more conspicuous, Yahoo News, one of the few major outlets to run the story, has repeatedly taken the story off their site or shuffled it between the sports and lifestyle section. Whether the major media players are actively conspiring together to bury the story at the behest of the Biden campaign (a likely possibility), or have individually decided it’s in their best interest to protect the Democratic establishment, is of little material consequence. What is of extreme consequence is how this media blackout shapes public opinion in favor of Joe Biden and the corporate interests he represents.The media blackout also serves to silence Reade, and makes it less likely that other survivors come forward with their stories. The corporate media are not the only culpable party, however.

The Democratic party has completely ignored the allegation as well. Even Bernie Sanders, Biden’s sole remaining opponent,  has yet to weigh in on the allegation. Notably, Elizabeth Warren, who smeared Sanders as a sexist because he supposedly said the U.S. isn’t ready to elect a Women president, hasn’t even spoken out on the assault!  In fact, no high level Democrat, besides Biden, has commented on the assault. This all serves to underscore the moral bankruptcy and utter hypocrisy of the Democratic party. Democrats will not hesitate to attack political opponents over instances of sexism or assault, but close ranks to protect Democrats accused of the same behavior. Even worse, many Democrats, like Warren, will lean heavily into identity politics and their own identity as a Women to score political points, but will immediatly abandon the feminist cause as soon as it becomes politically inconvieniant. It happened in 2016 with Bill Clinton, and it is happening again now with Joe Biden. 

Oddly enough, right wing news outlets have been the only mainstream media to pick up the story, albeit with the typical victim blaming. Fox News, Newsweek, and even the National Review, have all run the story. Furthermore, while Trump has yet to weigh in, it is only a matter of time before he uses this extremely credible allegation to deflect from his own history of sexual misconduct, just as he strategically did in 2016. 

The media blackout speaks to a larger point too. While mass media has allowed a greater access to information than ever before, who controls that information is still of principal importance. The genius of the U.S. media is that it gives the allusion of a free press, while being completely controlled by wealthy owners or stockholders. With large corporations like Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and Google effectively controlling the flow of information on the internet, ruling class propaganda has become even more efficient. It is only because of independent journalists, in this case the amazing Katie Halper, that Reade’s story is public at all. It is high time that U.S. residents turn to these independent voices, in conjunction with forighn outlets, such as TeleSur, RT, and CGTN, to get a more well rounded view of news and politics. 

For what little it’s worth, Joe Biden denies the accusation. 

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